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Firearms Training Classes

The following classes are being offered by Bill Cole and other NRA instructors at our club. The club has been listed as additionally insured for liability purposes.


6/15…Basic Pistol…$135

6/16…Pistol Instructor…$150

6/22…Personal Protection in the Home…$135


7/20…Basic Rifle…$135

7/21…Rifle Instructor…$150


8/17…Basic Shotgun…$135

8/18…Shotgun Instructor…$150


Contact: Bill Cole, NRA Training Counselor and Chief Range Safety Officer
772-341-9508 • [email protected]




SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2024 – Registration Starts at 9:00am, Safety Briefing at 9:30am




What to expect?

Four or five stages with ranges from 5 to 190 yards.

Engage static and dynamic targets from multiple positions

Obstacles and props to both help and hinder you on each stage

This is an outdoor event in April, expect the ground to be wet, there will be stages that require kneeling and prone positions.

What equipment do you need?

Recommended equipment is a center-fire rifle and center-fire handgun. Rimfire is allowed but certain targets may not fall with rimfire cartridges. Rules will be posted to the Dunhams Bay Fish and Game Club Inc. website and are available by emailing the address above.

Those wishing to shoot handgun MUST have a strong side, OWB holster with sufficient retention to hold the pistol while moving

Those with only a rifle or only a handgun can still come shoot! Everyone is encouraged to come shoot as much or as little of the match as you are comfortable with.

Ammunition: You’ll want to have at least 50 rounds for your rifle and 100 for your pistol. All stages can be completed with less than that, assuming you never miss, so more is better!

Magazines: You’ll want as many magazines as you can carry because you WILL be reloading on the clock so bring all the mags, stripper clips, chargers, or en-bloc clips you can!

Who can sign up?

ANYONE! Ok, not quite anyone. You must be 18 years or older OR 12-17 may compete with the permission and direct supervision of their parent or guardian.

All the stages are designed so that anyone who knows the basics of safe gun handling and basic marksmanship can complete every course. Some will be harder than others, but everyone should be able to get through it!

Welcome to our Club!

Welcome to Our Club

The next monthly club meeting will be Wednesday, June 12, 2024 at 7 p.m.
Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday
of each month at 7 p.m.
Zoom options for attendance are available (check your email).

The Range Is Open: The main range re-opened Monday April 1 at 9am. Remember, you must have completed the 2024 Orientation to use the main range. The pistol range is open today All firearms ranges are CLOSED on THURSDAYS from this point forward as a maintenance day.  3D Archery range is open all day Thursday!

2024 Orientation Schedule for New Members: All members must participate in orientation before using the new range. 
Second Saturday each month: 8:30 am, please email: Scott Rager:  [email protected]
Third Wednesday of the month: 7pm, please email: Dennis Dempsey: [email protected]

Reminder: Main Range Rules For the
New Range Opening April 1 (no foollin’)

1) No one may cross over the knee wall at any time. Use the doors to access down range.
2) No drawing and firing from a holster on the main range.
3) When guns are not in use, they must be placed in racks next to the benches or in a case on the shelves.
4) While the range is IN USE/ HOT, no one can be in front of shooting benches/front knee wall.
Cease Fire Procedure
5) Before calling a cease fire, check with other shooters both on the main range and the pistol range.
6) Confirm that all guns are in a safe condition. Rifles must be placed in racks provided, pistols on bench with action open with chamber flag or holstered.
7) Call out the “range is safe”
8) Turn on the red switch, activating the flashing light and alarm.
9) Everyone must step back from the bench during a ceasefire. Do not handle any firearms on the firing line during a ceasefire (NO ONE IS TO TOUCH ANYTHING ON THE BENCH WHILE CEASEFIRE IS IN AFFECT, INDICATED BY FLASHING LIGHT AND ALARM).
10) When proceeding down range (to place or check targets, collect brass beyond the knee wall, setting up chronographs) place a safety cone on the bench before proceeding down range. Place it on the bench in such a manner to be readily visible.
11) When returning from down range, place the down-range safety cone in its original position
Commence Fire Procedure
12) Confirm all shooters are back from down range, including the pistol range.
13) Call out; “is the line ready, ready on the right, ready on the left.”
14) When all shooters are ready, call out “commence firing.”
Complete club range rules and information can be found here:

Indoor Smokeless Range Committee Help Wanted
The Club is in need of someone to assist with maintaining the indoor smokeless range. We need someone who is computer savvy and willing to help keep the software up to date. Please reach out to Steve Zypulski – [email protected]t if you are interested.

2024 Membership Renewals: We have set the JoinIt system to send out membership renewal notices at 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day from your expiration date.  So those who are set to expire on December 31, should have received a notice early in December. When you get a notice, please review your information to make sure your address and telephone are correct.

Membership fees are increasing this year, so a renewal will now be $150 for regular (18-64 years old and family), while seniors (65+) will now be $110.  New members are $175 for regular/family memberships and $135 for Seniors.  This was voted on a year ago and has been mentioned in several emails.

Also, with a new range cover and safety system, we will need to update our range rules and orientations.  We will keep you updated as we do that.  Meanwhile, clickhere to visit our membership page.


Binary explosives such as tannerite is not allowed at the club.

Indoor Facilities: The club’s indoor facilities, including bathrooms and the archery range are now open to members. Beverages are available for a $1 donation, please honor this.

Guest Policy: Guests are welcome at the club on a one-time only basis. Please be sure to fill out the proper guest form available inside the club and encourage your guest to become a member.

Engaging and interesting articles as well as news about club events
are posted regularly to our  Facebook page. 

Spring/Summer Archery 2024

Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club
3D Archery Course

The club’s 3D archery course will be open every Thursday starting May 9 through Sept. 29, as well as the last Sunday of each month (May 26, June 30, July 28, Aug. 25 & Sept. 29)

Shooting hours are from 7 a.m. until dusk. Members shoot for free, there is a $5 fee for non-members.
May         June             July             August             Sept.
9               6                    4                 1                      5
16             13                 11                 8                     12
23             20                 18                 15                   19
26             23                 25                 22                   26
30             27                 28                 25                   2
30                                    29

The club gun ranges are closed during archery events!

HR-218 Shoot for Retired Law Enforcement – May 31, 2024

Class: HR-218 Shoot
Date:  Friday, May 31, 2024
Time: 8am – 1:30pm
(with individual range time)

Cost to Members: $30.00 for two guns
Cost to Non Members: $60.00

Equipment Needed:
  • Firearms; Make sure it’s a firearm that you are very familiar with and have shot before
  • Good eye and ear protection
  • Good holster
  • 50 Rounds for each shoot. (more needed if you’re a bad shot)
  • CLASS NOTE: Do not use a firearm that you are not familiar with or haven’t shoot before.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Thiis Course

Plan Times For Training:

Only five shooters at a time will be on the range, as follows:

  • 5 Shooters at 09:00 am
  • 5 Shooters at 10:00 am
  • 5 Shooters at 11:00 am
  • 5 Shooters at 12:00 Noon
  • 5 Shooters at 01:00 pm
  • 5 Shooters at 02:00 pm
  • 5 Shooters at 03:00 pm
  • 5 Shooters at 04:00 pm

Students will be placed apart and will be wearing masks while on the CPR. Each Groug or the next in line, will wait in their vehicles until I call the next group.

At this time in the phase, no one will enter the clubhouse but, I will need the gate open. Not sure how that will work if I can’t get in.

Please contact Steve Prokrym, to get put on the list or if you have any questions call or mail. Email: [email protected]. Phone: 518-852-2777

Note: The Club’s Pistol Range Will Be Closed During This Event

Turkey Hunting Shotgun Patterning Session – April 16

When: Tuesday, April 16, 2024 – 5:30 pm to
7 pm

(Non-members must sign release form)

Spring turkey season is coming and it’s important to get those turkey shotguns patterned, especially with the youth turkey hunting weekend just ahead. During the above hours the rifle range will be exclusively set aside for the purpose of patterning a shotgun. This involves firing one shot, then going downrange to examine and exchange your target. Then it’s back to firing line and the process is repeated until you are satisfied with your results. Safety is the priority so each round will be coordinated and all shooters will go down-range at the same time.

What to bring: Turkey hunting shotgun, ammo, targets, eye and ear protection. A target stand, cardboard/newspaper (pizza boxes work great) are suggested, but not necessary.

Let’s have some fun getting ready for turkey season! 

NOTE: The rifle range will not closed at this time, but please expect interruptions from turkey gunners.  

Winter Archery Begins Jan. 16!

Winter archery resumes at the club each Tuesday night at 6pm beginning Jan. 16. The Archery Committee is planning a Cabin Fever Shoot some time this winter. Stay tuned, and we hope to see you on a Tuesday night.

Also, we are looking for new volunteers to join the Archery Committee, especially come spring and summer when 3D shooting resumes outside. If you are interested please contact Pat Beland at [email protected]. Or, come join us on a Tuesday night this winter!