Welcome to our Club!

376877_449650928458700_1672734315_nWelcome to Our Club:

Our next meeting will be  Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023 at 7p.m.

While you are welcome to come to the club,
please consider joining us via Zoom (see your email). 

Future Meeting Dates:  Jan. 10, 2024 – Club meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.

2023/2024 Orientation Schedule:
Second Saturday each month: 8:30 am, please email: Scott Rager:  [email protected]
Third Wednesday of the month: 7pm, please email: Dennis Dempsey: [email protected]

Indoor Smokeless Range Committee Help Wanted
The Club is in need of someone to assist with maintaining the indoor smokeless range. We need someone who is computer savvy and willing to help keep the software up to date. Please reach out to Steve Zypulski – [email protected]t if you are interested.


Free Clays: On Sunday, Nov. 26, the Club will host a free clay target shooting session for Club members starting at Noon at the back of the gun range, away from the construction site. The Club will provide clay targets, but participants will need to bring their own firearms and ammunition. ‘Hope to see you there!

Happy Hour: Mark your calendars for our first Happy Hour os 2024, which takes place at the Adirondack Bar & Grill on Friday, Jan. 5.

Archery News: The 3D Archery Range is officially closed for the season. We hope everyone enjoyed it and thank the Archery Committee for their efforts. The outdoor practice range and indoor range remain open, including during the firearms shooting bench/canopy reconstruction. Weekly winter indoor archery night will be starting on Tuesday nights in 2024.

Binary Explosives: Please note, the use of binary explosives such as tannerite is not allowed at the club.

Indoor Facilities: The club’s indoor facilities, including bathrooms and the archery range are now open to members. Beverages are available for a $1 donation, please honor this.

Guest Policy: Guests are welcome at the club on a one-time only basis. Please be sure to fill out the proper guest form available inside the club and encourage your guest to become a member.

Engaging and interesting articles as well as news about club events
are posted regularly to our  Facebook page. 

UPDATE: Club Firearms Range(s) Currently Closed

The long-awaited time to repair our canopy and shooting benches has come. We are sorry that the timing is during hunting season when so many are preparing their deer rifles for the season. However, permit approval and contractor availability are what has affected the timing the most. Therefore, please be aware that with the impending construction of our new range cover, we will be closing the ranges (all of them) for up to six weeks. Again, we have been working to get this project permitted and all appropriate variances for months and planning for over a year, as we previously emailed. We thank you in advance for understanding. 

 The range has been closed since Saturday Oct, 28 through Oct. 29. This means that the main range (including 25-200 yard, .22 rimfire steel, pistol steel) and the pistol range will all be closed through Dec. 18 as of this posting date (Nov. 9).  Note: this may need to change based on weather conditions and delays in construction.  

The pistol range (formerly the combat pistol range, within the concrete walls) will be open ONLY on Saturdays and Sundays and ONLY by currently established rules.  Absolutely no rifles on that range!!! You must use a holster on that range.   

This was voted on and approved at the October 11, 2023 Board of Director and Membership meetings. Once complete, we will have newer, more comfortable and much more compatible range for our members to enjoy.

Note to Archers: The outdoor practice archery range and indoor archery range remain open during the firearms shooting bench/canopy reconstruction. The 3D course was closed earlier this fall.

Contact Us: [email protected] | 518-792-8821

Follow the construction progress of our new range: https://www.facebook.com/DunhamsBayFishAndGameClub/


Nov. 16 : Utah Concealed Carry Permit Course

UTAH Concealed Carry Permit Course

Why a Utah permit? 30 state recognition, permit is valid for 5 years, lower cost permit in comparison to other states, Utah makes no distinction or defines what type of firearm and CCP holder can possess or how many.  

The following 30 states recognize the Utah non-resident permit: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. 

When: November 16th, Thursday, 6:00PM 

Fee: $75.00 for Dunham’s Bay members, $100.00 for non-members

Requirements: must be 21 YOA, bring Driver’s License and 1 Passport Photo (Easily obtained from Staples, Walgreens, etc..) along with a credit or debit card for the license application form.

 Admin: Denis will fingerprint, assist in completing, verifying, correcting, and mailing off all the applications as to ensure it can be properly processed and tracked. I will be available at the club from 4pm on the day of the class to fingerprint applicants.

Sign up is directly with:  driley@catamountconsultingllc.com or via phone (518) 623-2352.  Applicants can pay via cash, check or credit card.

MilSurp Shoot – Saturday, August 19

MilSurp Shoot
Saturday August 19, 2023
9am – Noon

Bring your Military Surplus to shoot or just to display.

This is a chance for members that have an interest in these old vintage/milsurp guns to get together.

  • We will start the morning with a safety and rules briefing at 9:00AM. Rifles are to remain in vehicles at this time.
  • Display our rifles for all to see. I will give out index cards so you can display model and caliber. Bring several rifles if you wish.
  •  Next will be a friendly competition for “as issued” rifles only. Military Vintage Rifles; open sights or period correct optics.

5 sighting shots in 5 minutes
10 shots standing in 10 minutes
10 shots kneeling or sitting in 70 seconds
10 shots fast prone 60 seconds (bring your own pad for prone)
20 shots slow prone 20 minutes

*It is your responsibility to ensure your rifles and ammunition are in safe working order*

To save ammo, you can shoot as many shots as you desire. Make sure your ammo is correctly labeled, No armor piercing ammunition. After the competition we will have an open shoot at the steel targets.

Hearing and eye protection required

For more information contact Dennis Dempsey
[email protected]

Here are some scenes from our first Mil-Surp shoot held in April, 2023.


Outdoor 3D Archery Course – Open Tuesdays from 1pm, & Second Sunday of each month

The new 3D Archery
course will open Tuesday, May 23
and features 21 Targets.

Schedule is as follows:
• Every Tuesday 1:00 pm till dusk.
• Second Sunday of each month 1:00 pm till dusk
(July 9, Aug. 6, Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 12, Dec. 10)
• Pistol and Rifle Ranges Closed At those times.
• Non Members welcome, (release form) $5 to shoot .Members free
Note: On Sunday,  May 21 at 2:00 pm archery chairman Pat Beland will be at the club to answer questions about the new 3D course.

These targets are now outside, enjoy!

Winter Archery – Archery News

Winter archery resumes at the club each Tuesday night at 6pm beginning Jan. 3.

Also, after a long delivery delay we finally have our new 3D targets for what will be a new, outdoor shooting range coming this year. Please do not shoot at these targets while they are set up indoors. The Archery Committee is planning a Cabin Fever Shoot some time this winter. Stay tuned, and we hope to see you on a Tuesday night.

New Gun Laws in NY

New York has enacted many new gun laws that all gun owners should be aware of. Here are some links:

New York’s new Gun Safety website 
New York’s detailed Concealed Carry Training Info
GOA Lawsuit dismissed in Syracuse Federal Court, Aug. 31
NYODN: Communication Lacking on Gun Laws

The most recent is the Concealed Carry Improvement Act, signed on July 1, 2022. Here is a link to the full text of that legislation, which contains provisions/requirements for all firearms, not just handguns as well as ammunition: https://legislation.nysenate.gov/pdf/bills/2021/S51001

The CCIA was passed after the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on June 23, 2022 in the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen case, that New York’s “may issue” scheme for issuing concealed carry permits was unconstitutional. Here is a link to the ruling: https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf

In May, Gov. Hochul signed a package of gun legislation that include the following:

A10503/S9458: Requires a license to purchase or take possession of a semiautomatic rifle, bans those under the age of 21 from purchasing or possessing a semi-automatic rifle.

A7926/S4116: Requires that semi-automatic pistols sold in this state be verified as a microstamping-enabled pistol.

A10428/S9229: Eliminates the grandfathering of large capacity ammunition feeding devices that were lawfully possessed prior to the enactment of the SAFE Act or manufactured prior to 1994. 

And, for good measure, here is a link to the NY Safe Act, passed in 2013: https://safeact.ny.gov

Summer Picnic – 2022

Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed our Summer Picnic, we hope you had fun and enjoyed the great food.

Up next, on Friday, Sept. 16 please join fellow club members for Happy Hour at the Adirondack Bar & Grill, in Queensbury at 4:30pm. Free hors d’oeuvres (until they run out).