Indoor Smokeless Range

Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club Smokeless Range Guide

Please check the Calendar for organized Smokeless Range Events

What is the Smokeless Range?
The Smokeless Range is just one of the benefits of your membership at Dunham’s Bay Fish and Game Club.

It is an Interactive computer simulated pistol shooting range.

It is indoor and accessible year-round. 

Only members that attend a Smokeless Range Orientation can use the range without a committee member. The reason for this is the expense and complexity of the system. Also, to ensure a great experience.


  • Smokeless Range Software
  • Gaming Computer
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Infrared Camera

Range Reservations:
If you would like to reserve the Smokeless Range to plan a time individually or with a group. Make a reservation to prevent a conflict with other Club Members. Check the Club calendar for other groups using the range area, example, 4H on Sunday’s.

Member Only, $5.00/ hour…..Group up to five shooters, $20/hour

Email the requested date & time to Steve Szypulski, at [email protected]. When Steve confirms the calendar is open, he will reply back that it is reserved. Only then is it confirmed. 48 hour notice is requested.

Time slots will be even hours with 15 minutes before and after for set up and clean up of the Range. Example: A 12-1 request will be reserved as, 11:45 to 1:15. It will count as 1 hour.

Indoor Smokeless Range Committee Help Wanted
The Club is in need of someone to assist with maintaining the indoor smokeless range. We need someone who is computer savvy and willing to help keep the software up to date. Please email [email protected] if you are interested.