Article I – Name 

The name of the club shall be Dunhams Bay Fish and Game Club, Inc.  

Article II – Purpose 

The Dunhams Bay Fish and Game Club, Inc. is organized to: promote better fishing, hunting, and education for sportsmen; to cooperate in obtaining proper respect for and observation of New York State Fish & Game laws; to promote the safe, legal, and ethical use of firearms/archery equipment for all legal purposes; to promote friendly social interactions among its members and to promote a positive image of shooting sports to the general public. The club shall operate on a non-political, non-sectarian basis in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws.

Article III – Membership

Membership in the club shall be open to any person at least twelve years (12) of age regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation. Members convicted of serious violations of club by-laws, as well as any local, State, or Federal laws may be subject to expulsion from the club. The rules of membership shall be described in the By-Laws.  

Article IV – Amendments to the By-Laws and Constitution

The by-laws may be amended, repealed or changed, in whole or in part, by a majority vote at any duly authorized meeting of the Club.  In the event, a club member (meant to imply to the general membership and excludes By-Law changes made by the Board of Directors) wishes to change the By-Laws or Constitution, they must submit the proposed change in writing at a regular monthly meeting of the Club.  They then make a motion for the change.   They must have a “second” to their motion, and there must be at least ten (10) Club members (8 additional to those who made the motion and the “second”) who support the motion and thus the By-Law or Constitutional change, before the proposed change can proceed to membership notification and subsequent vote by the membership.  In the event that a total of 10 members in support cannot be obtained at that regular Club meeting, the motion is not to be carried and the proposed change is discarded from consideration.  Notice of the proposed change shall be given at a regular monthly Club meeting and a vote on the change can take place at the next regular monthly club meeting. 

The By-Laws or Constitution may be amended, repealed, or changed in whole or in part, by the Board of Directors. These changes must be approved by a vote of the Club membership via mailed ballot or electronic ballot and must succeed by a majority of those members who vote.  

Article V – 

Election of officers and directors shall be outlined and directed in the by-laws.  These officers are to include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors.   

Article VI- 

There shall be a monthly meeting of the club, with the exception of July, which shall be determined by the Club President.  The annual business meeting shall be the meeting when the election is held and is to be held in October.  Further definition of meetings and quorums shall be outlined in the by-laws.  

Article VII- 

The fiscal year shall commence January 1 and end December 31.  Annual dues shall be regulated by a majority vote of the membership at the annual October business meeting.  

Article VIII – 

The election of officers shall take place at the annual business meeting each year, except when pertaining to appointed standing committees in Article IX.  The election process shall be defined in the by-laws.  In addition to the election of the four officers and board of directors, a delegate to the Warren County Conservation Council shall be elected annually. The President of the club shall serve as the second delegate. 

Article IX – 

Under new business at the regular meeting directly following the annual business meeting, the President shall appoint standing committees.  Each consisting of two or more regular members in good standing.