Indoor Smokeless Range Open to Members

Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club Smokeless Range Guide

  • Range Reservations:If you would like to reserve the Smokeless Range to plan a time individually or with a group. Make a reservation to prevent a conflict with other Club Members. Please check with a committee member below.

    Member Only, $5.00/ hour…..Group up to five shooters, $20/hour

    Email the requested date & time to Steve Szypulski, [email protected] or text Steve @ 203-952-7827. When Steve confirms the calendar is open, he will reply back that it is reserved. Only then is it confirmed.

    Time slots will be even hours with 15 minutes before and after for set up and clean up of the Range. Example: A 12-1 request will be reserved as, 11:45 to 1:15. It will count as 1 hour.

  • Committee members for support

    Steve Szypulski (Chairman): [email protected], 203-952-7827
    Bryan Sommers (Co-chair): [email protected], 518-322-0003
    Dennis Dempsy (Co-chair): [email protected], 518-623-3187


  • Smokeless Range Software
  • Gaming Computer
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Infrared CameraAccess:
    Cabinet combination lock 1280 Computer Password 12804


  • Pull Down Screen
  • Turn Projector on with remote control
  • Turn on computer (button on top/front of PC)
  • Left click on Smokeless Range with Mouse
  • Select games to play
  • Install batteries in laser
  • Refill magazines
  • Use Smokeless Range
  • Exit software
  • Turn off computer
  • Turn off projector with remote control
  • Remove magazines for guns, DO NOT REFILL!
  • Wipe magazines down
  • Remove batteries from the I/R laser, put in used baggie.
  • Raise screen
  • Turn Thermostat to 55 heating, 80 cooling
  • Turn off lights and secure doorGuns:
  • Guns operate on “Green Gas” read section below
  • Guns are semi auto, CAUTION, Slides do operate
  • Remove magazine
  • Invert magazine, invert gas can, insert gas can nozzle intomagazine
  • May take 5-10 seconds to fill
  • DO NOT RAPID FIRE, this will cause the magazines to freeze
  • Store gun empty (no magazine)
  • DO NOT refill when done shooting
  • Lubricate magazine top and bottom ports
  • Laser is I/R (Infra-Red) you cannot see it
  • Guns are color coded, electrical tape on trigger guard. Also, onthe Factory boxes. If there is a problem, report it to the Committee
  • I/R laser is motion sensitive, if you notice shots on screen without pulling the trigger. Control motion of gun.
  • We have 3 Glock 19 and 2 Beretta M9 guns Green Gas:
  • Green Gas is propane with a silicone derivative to lubricate the guns.
  • Green Gas is highly flammable
  • NO Smoking, vaping of any kind
  • Keep away from electronic components (projector/computer)
  • Wear gloves when refilling
  • Wear Safety Glasses when fillingBatteries:
  • Batteries are specific to the lasers. Use SureStrike Accessories 516-858-1262. There are 3… 1.5-volt batteries shrunk wrapped together for 4.5 volts DC. DO NOT USE INDIVIDUAL BATTERIES! They will slide and short out the laser!
  • When Batteries are new, should be 4.5-4.8 VDC, when they drop below 4.0VDC, discard
  • Batteries are LR 726 (X3), Positive to the battery cap!!!! Technical Support:
  • Tech Support 516-858-1262 (Option 3) 9am to 5pm, M-F EST
  • Jason Whatley (Texas …1 hour behind) 516-865-1335
  • Technical Support can also do remote connection to the Club computer and software. It is best to schedule a time so that the technician can connect. It is done through the Lifesaver Icon on the software.

Have fun, and be safe!