New Steel – Rimfire Only

We have a great new .22 RIMFIRE ONLY section on the steel range. There are dueling trees, lollipop racks,, and gongs at 25, 50, 75, and 100. The ranges are established safety protocols from the manufacturer. All of these .22 rimfire targets are painted bright yellow so that no one can mistake them for anything other than .22 rimfire. There are similar targets for center-fire pistol and high power rifle on other parts of the range.Please enjoy these responsibly and let us know if you see anyone misusing them. Be safe!

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Indoor Smokeless Range Open to Members

Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club Smokeless Range Guide

  • Range Reservations:If you would like to reserve the Smokeless Range to plan a time individually or with a group. Make a reservation to prevent a conflict with other Club Members. Please check with a committee member below.

    Member Only, $5.00/ hour…..Group up to five shooters, $20/hour

    Email the requested date & time to Steve Szypulski, [email protected] or text Steve @ 203-952-7827. When Steve confirms the calendar is open, he will reply back that it is reserved. Only then is it confirmed.

    Time slots will be even hours with 15 minutes before and after for set up and clean up of the Range. Example: A 12-1 request will be reserved as, 11:45 to 1:15. It will count as 1 hour.

  • Committee members for support

    Steve Szypulski (Chairman): [email protected], 203-952-7827
    Bryan Sommers (Co-chair): [email protected], 518-322-0003
    Dennis Dempsy (Co-chair): [email protected], 518-623-3187


  • Smokeless Range Software
  • Gaming Computer
  • Projector
  • Screen
  • Infrared CameraAccess:
    Cabinet combination lock 1280 Computer Password 12804

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IMPORTANT: Pistol Range Safety Reminder

  2. All range rules apply on the pistol range.
  3. If anyone is downrange while you are entering the Pistol Range, EVERYTHING that you are carrying must be placed on the shelves on the right, NOT on the tables.
  4. Your gear and firearms can only be placed in the tables after all shooters have returned to the canopy.
  5. DO NOT handle firearms or touch ANYTHING on the tables if anyone is downrange.  Step back from the tables and do not touch anything on the tables until everyone returns to the pavilion.
  6. Touching, loading and unloading of any FIREARM or MAGAZINE can only be done if no one is forward of your position on the range.
  7. NO SHOOTING FROM THE TABLES.  Shoot only in your lane at 3, 7, 10, 15, and 25 yard marked positions.
  8. If more than one shooter is on the range, there MUST be a discussion amongst the individuals or groups PRIOR to moving to an agreed upon firing line.  
  9. When moving from the tables to ANY shooting position, your firearm must be IN YOUR HOLSTER.
  10. When returning from a shooting position, NEVER turn towards the tables or walk towards the tables or the targets with a firearm in your hand!!!  UNLOAD and HOLSTER your firearm WHILE FACING DOWNRANGE.
  11. All rounds MUST impact the berm between the side walls.
  12. DO NOT SHOOT the timber protecting the turning target mechanism.
  13. Full metal jacketed or jacketed ammo is preferred.  Steel, armor piercing, tracer, or paintball ammunition is prohibited.

Membership/Renewal Info

Greetings Members:

Seven members of the Board of Directors and Club Officers worked together on Saturday to get over 450 Welcome Packets together for those members who had renewed through Friday afternoon.  Please be on the lookout for those by the end of the week, as they will mail Monday morning.

NEW: We are now offering the opportunity to join or renew your membership online. To join or renew your membership please click here:

Membership/Renewal Update
In a day or two those who have already renewed will receive an email from an online member management system called Join It (above), this system will be inviting those who have renewed to create an account.  We would like you to go online, create a password, then check your name, address, telephone number, and email to determine.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A PAYMENT. YOURS IS ALREADY RECEIVED.

A second email will invite those who have not yet renewed or who have had an error,perhaps your hard copy was returned for invalid address, etc.  You will find a link to renew for the regular renewal price of $125 dollars.  You will be pending until the payment is processed.  The system uses Stripe to process payments.  There is currently no additional fee, but the club is charged a 3.5% processing fee.

Is this the system we will use in the future?  We have heard a lot about the positive aspects of Wild Apricot and are still exploring that option for 2023. This is a temporary fix to help us organize our members with the most updated information.  To correct emails, addresses, and telephone numbers that may be incorrect. Finally to manage new members more efficiently.

New members will be able to join online, register for the required orientation, and then will be processed once payment and orientation are completed.  The paperwork will now be electronic.  No computer, no problem, make an appointment for the orientation by calling Scott Rager – 518-798-3143 and we can help you with that during orientation or during office hours John Bowe – [email protected] 518-817-2551.

If you have questions, please call or email one of the following:
John Bowe  (Club President)- [email protected] 518-817-2551
Scott Rage (Vice President) – [email protected] 518-798-3143
Mike VanDerwerken( (Treasurer)  [email protected]
Pat Beland (Board Chair) 518-792-2630 [email protected]
Dan Ladd (Website) [email protected]

Officers and Board of Directors

NEW – Announcing DEC Summer Camp Scholarship/Sponsorships for Youths

Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club to Sponsor DEC Summer Camp Participants

Every year the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) conducts a Summer Camp program for youth 11-17 years old.  The local one-week programs are operated at four sites around the state, including Pack Forest near Warrensburg.  Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club is proud to announce that it will sponsor three youth from Club member families by providing a scholarship for the full $350 cost of attending the DEC Summer Camp.

D-BAY – DEC Summer Camp application
D-Bay – DEC Summer Camp Dates and FAQs

Any questions contact Dennis Dempsey at [email protected]

Here is a description of the camp at Pack Forest from DEC:

Adventure, Education, Fun! The DEC Camps Experience

A week at Camp Pack Forest promises fun and adventure in the beautiful Southern Adirondacks. Sometimes campers have opportunities to pick the activities they participate in during “optional” times. At other times, campers will join the rest of camp and everyone participates in camp-wide games or activities. Continue reading

Let’s shoot some steel!

If you’ve visited the rifle range in the past few months, you’ll notice we have steel targets for your shooting pleasure. This comes as the direct request of many members. Here are a few notes about shooting steel.

•Please use the club’s steel as opposed to bringing your own.
•Stay in the shooting/bench area directly in front of the steel targets. Do not shoot at them from off angles
•Shoot only pistol and .22 rimfire rifle at the 25 yard steel targets.
•When you leave, please pull the ropes on the 25-yard targets out of the snow. Just tie them to the benches (see photos, below).
•Have fun and shoot safely.

All about SAFE-T, Inc. – Warren County Pistol Classes


The Warren County Pistol License Safety Class (
As we enter the New Year we would like to provide you with our 2020 Schedule of Classes and invite you to encourage family and friends to obtain their New York State Pistol License.About Us
Southern Adirondack Firearms Education and Training, Inc. (SAFE-T, Inc.) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation created solely for thepurpose of providing firearm safety instruction to local applicants for a New York State pistol license. That’s all we do. We have been the premier provider of pistol safety instruction in Warren County since 1975. That’s 45+ years of training over 8,000 applicants… and counting! We must be doing something right…

Our Program
Warren County requires that you complete a pistol safety course before a license can be issued. Our course, developed with Judge John G. Dier in 1975, continued with Judge G. Thomas Moynihan, and currently approved and accepted by Judge John S. Hall, satisfies that requirement. At the present time, our class is limited to only Warren County license applicants.

What We Do
We will provide you with the basic safety course that Warren County requires to get your New York State pistol license. We teach about state and local laws and permit holder’s responsibilities, the various types of handguns and ammunition you may encounter, safe handling of handguns, cleaning of firearms, and home firearm safety. Our class includes personalized hands-on instruction from our cadre of 20+ of the most experienced firearm instructors in the region. You won’t find a more qualified group of instructors!

What We Charge
Unlike commercial businesses that offer pistol license training, we are not in this to make money. Our fee simply covers our expenses. We charge $35 per person to take our class. That’s all!

What You Get
Your $35 fee allows you to attend our class and get a certificate of completion. We will notify the Warren County Pistol Permit Bureau that you have completed the training requirement. We will provide you with a copy of the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting book, a $35 value, as well as safety publications and materials from various sources. We will work to help you succeed! Our class is generally accepted by the County for a period of three years after completion. However, we strongly encourage participants to follow through with their pistol license application in a timely manner.

How to Register for Class
We require pre-registration and pre-payment for our classes. On-line registration is available at The class fee of $35 must be paid upon registration. Our website uses PayPal to process payments and most major credit cards are accepted. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit card, just follow the online instructions). Classes are limited to 25 people on a “firstcome-first served” basis so early registration is strongly encouraged. If you register and are unable to attend, you must notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled class. Fees are non-refundable, but we will attempt to place you in an upcoming class on a space- available basis. Please note that a Photo ID is required for entrance into class.

Can’t register for class online???
Online registration is really the way to go! But for those without online access we can accept class registrations by US Mail. Using this method, we can’t guarantee your choice date, but we’ll try. Send us your payment of $35 by personal check or US Postal Money Order (no cash!). Payment must be received at least one week before class. Be sure to include:

Name, Address, Email, Phone Numbers, and Class Dates (First choice and Second choice)Mail to: SAFE-T, Inc. PO Box 4126 Queensbury, New York 12804

Class Dates
Classes are currently scheduled to run from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Plan to arrive by 6:45pm. Additional classes and times will bescheduled as necessary. Unless otherwise noted, classes are held at the Warren County Public Safety Building, Sheriff’s Department Training Room, 1400 State Route 9, in Queensbury… located at the north end of the Municipal Center complex.

2020 Class Dates

Southern Adirondack Firearms Education & Training, Inc.
PO Box 4126 – Queensbury, NY 12804
Email: [email protected] Website:

Shooting Simulator Coming Soon!

The new Shooting Disciplines committee recently enjoyed a trial run of the new shooting simulator. Installation will be completed soon and then committee members will be trained on how to run the simulator. An open house is being discussed as are evening leagues, and more. Stay tuned!