Outdoor Ranges are Open

Dunham’s Bay Fish and Game Club is open to members only, no guests are allowed at this time.

Our Buildings and Grounds crew, along with several other volunteers have worked diligently keep our club open. Please note the following rules, guidelines and amenities:

  • Only the outside shooting ranges (rifle, pistol, steel silhouettes and archery range) are open. Indoor use of the club is not permitted. A porta-potty will be installed in the parking lot. 
  • Only 14 benches are to be used for shooting. Two out of every three are closed and are marked as such. Only two benches at a time are to be used on steel silhouette range. They too are marked.
  • Only club members, including your household family if they are members, are allowed at the club. Please do not bring guests. Absolutely no exceptions. 
  • Do not share a bench with any other member other than a household family member
  • With the exception of the archery range, masks must be worn at all times while on the premises. 
  • Hand sanitizer is prevalent all around the range. Please utilize it in the name of safety. 

In addition, all New York State on PAUSE restrictions apply at the club. Please use good judgement regarding social distancing, use of masks and washing of hands. If you are sick, have a low immune system or have been exposed to COVID-19 please consider using the club another time. Your safety, and that of others, must come first. 

Violations will be subjected to disciplinary action including, membership revocation. Remember that the club is under constant video surveillance. Please be safe, and respectable towards your fellow shooters. 

The following images should be self-explanatory.