2020 4-H Shooting Sports Events at the club

The 4-H Shooting Sports program has several programs scheduled at Dunhams Bay Fish & Game Club. Some of the programs are open to youth who have previously participated in Basic Shooting Sports programs while others are open to any youth. Please read the details for specific information.

  • POSTPONED TFNTuesday, April 14th – Sportsman Education Program9AM—5PM @ Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club. Must be at least 11.5 years old and have completed the required homework. The homework MUST be picked up by April 1st at the Cornell Cooperative Extension office in Warrensburg. No fee for materials or class.
  • Sunday, June 14th – Shotgun Program—1PM – 5PM @ Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club. MUST be an enrolled 4-H member and be at least 12 years of age and completed basic rifle. Continue to improve 3-position skills. Work on improving grips, trigger squeeze, breathing, and scoring targets. Fee $5.
  • Saturday & Sunday, September 19th & 20th – Sportsman Education Super Weekend. Location TBD.
  • Sunday, November 1st – Basic Archery—1-5pm @ Dunham’s Bay Fish & Game Club—MUST be an enrolled 4-H member and must be 8 years of age or older. Fee $5.

NOTE: Dates and locations are subject to change due to weather or scheduling. Registration is required for these events by calling the CCE office 518-668-4881 or email Michele Baker mlb222@cornell.edu